The eBASS Benefits Administration System is the comprehensive online employee benefits management tool that saves time and money while remaining completely customized to your brand.

Benefits Administration

Tired of trying Benefits Administration Enrollment systems that do not work with your business rules? Tired of changing your rules to fit their Benefits Administration Enrollment system? Tired of the expensive fees? Tired of companies nickel and diming you for every report or small change? Tired of the lack of Customer Service? Look no further, we have created a tool that can be as simple or as complex as you need Benefits Administration Enrollment system to be. We have an IT Staff ready to customize your system. The problem with all of the other Benefits Administration Enrollment systems out there is how ridged they are. Benefits Administration Enrollment should be easy for the Employee to enroll annually. Our Benefits Administration Enrollment system has a proven wizard driven system that is very natural and intuitive. Most can enroll in less than 5 minutes. You wont need to read an instruction manual to enroll with our Benefits Administration Enrollment system. Call Now for a free demo! (888) 794-0782! Ask for Dana or Tom. State of the Art Technology. A powerful, cost effective Benefits Administration Enrollment system. Web based system that allows employers and their employees to manage their benefits and Human Resources information from anywhere in the world via the internet. A single source enrollment, billing and eligibility system for single or multiple locations. The most complicated employee benefits plans made simple with point and click technology. Benefits Administration and Enrollment has never been so easy. We can load your benefits information into your vendors sites. No more double entry. Enter once, then let us do the rest. Our Benefits Administration Enrollment system has many different security roles for the administrator. So you can control how much or how little an HR person can see or do in the Benefits Administration system. We will set everything up for you, so you will not have to read a thick manual to setup your plans. We work directly with your carriers. Need a custom report today? Our turn around time for most reports are hours not weeks. The best thing is all reports are included in our monthly fees. We will not charge you extra for on going report changes. Our Benefits Administration Enrollment system will allow you to export in most popular formats: XLS, CSV, and PDF. We can also create custom exports in any format you can dream up. Benefits Administration simplified - Benefits Administration should never be complicated. Flexible Benefits Administration - Benefits Administration tailored to your specific needs. Powerful Benefits Administration - Built on the latest and greatest technology. Complete Benefits Administration - Benefits Administration from start to finish. Benefits Administration shows all costs and benefits.

Saves Money

With eBASS, you can eliminate the endless paper files and store everything electronically. You can also be sure that your reporting, payroll deductions and premium payments will be far more accurate with the eBASS management tools.

Customized for your Company

Once you enroll with eBASS, we will create a benefit administration website specifically for your company. This website will feature your company’s name, logo and unique web address. The site will be powered by eBASS’s proprietary software and will include all of the custom reporting features that we will create to your specifications. Your employees will appreciate the state-of-the-art benefits system that you have provided for them.

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