The eBASS Benefits Administration System is the comprehensive online employee benefits management tool that saves time and money while remaining completely customized to your brand.

Saves Time

With eBASS, your days of endless benefit administration tasks are over. Our single source system instantly tracks changes from multiple offices and constantly updates all reporting functions. eBASS also empowers employees to go online and manage their own benefit selections and changes. Communication is also simplified with custom reports that are generated and distributed to your specifications.

Saves Money

With eBASS, you can eliminate the endless paper files and store everything electronically. You can also be sure that your reporting, payroll deductions and premium payments will be far more accurate with the eBASS management tools.

Customized for your Company

Once you enroll with eBASS, we will create a benefit administration website specifically for your company. This website will feature your company’s name, logo and unique web address. The site will be powered by eBASS’s proprietary software and will include all of the custom reporting features that we will create to your specifications. Your employees will appreciate the state-of-the-art benefits system that you have provided for them.

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